My first fully reproducible network paper is available as a preprint!

Hi everyone!

My first paper, accepted pending revisions in Psychiatry Research, is now available as a preprint with its data and supplementary materials at


It is a network analysis of empathy items from the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) by Davis (1980). As clinicians, empathy is a primordial component of our interactions with patients and is a key item in getting a therapeutic alliance with them. Empathy is altered in patients with autism and psychopathy. But, despite its importance, little is known of the empathy construct.

I had the chance to be mentored by two great clinicians and researchers, Dr. Fried and Dr. Linkowski who helped me in the process of writing my first paper. We wanted to explore empathy as a network of interconnected items that interact with each other.

We made the paper fully reproducible by sharing data from our sample (N=1973) and code. I believe that open science is needed to make our research better, more effective and I thank researchers like Dr. Fried who advocate for it.

As a student, it is not always easy to combine clerkships, exams, and research, but it is a highly formative experience. Network science is a promising field which will improve the way we do psychiatry.

Picture: Empathy network of 28 IRI items.


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