Curriculum Vitae



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Scientific and Medical Experience

Ecole Supérieure de la Santé

Lausanne, Switzerland 2018-ongoing

Lecturer – Pathophysiology of Human Disease

Reference: Sandrine Ansermet, Dean (

Classes taught: final year Biomedical Science Laboratory Technician

Responsible of the Pathophysiology of Human Disease Course and examination

University of Mons (Université de Mons, UMONS)

Mons, Belgium 2015 – ongoing

Teaching Assistant – Institute of Human Anatomy

Reference: Professor Sven Saussez, Chief of Department (

  • Classes taught: first year, second year, third year medical students
  • Providing instructions to students during laboratory sessions and dissection sessions
  • Preparing materials for laboratories and dissections
  • Maintaining a safe work environment for students
  • Participating in writing questions for the Osteology examination (first year students), and Head and Neck anatomy and dissection (third year students)
  • Correcting examinations
  • Writing courses for students – Introduction to Human Anatomy, Osteology and Medical Imaging (first year course), Dissectional Anatomy of the Head and Neck (third year course)

University of Brussels (Université libre de Bruxelles, ULB)

Brussels, Belgium, 2016-ongoing

Research Assistant – Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Reference: Professor Paul Linkowski, Coordinator (

  • Research project: network analysis of psychometrical scales in healthy subjects

Reflexion Medical Network (RMN)

Brussels, Belgium, 2017-ongoing

Science Writer

Reference: Philippe Marchal, Editor in Chief (

Science writer for medicine and e-health news.

Agency for evaluation of the quality of higher education (AEQES)

Brussels, Belgium, 2017-2018

Expert – Evaluation of Medical Technologies Course (Imaging and Laboratory)

Reference: Joelle Sallets, (

Team of experts: evaluation of all institutions forming laboratory and imaging technologists in order to improve quality of higher education (governmental agency)

Federation of Wallonia-Brussels

La Louvière, Belgium, 2016-2018

High School Teacher – Region of Hainaut

Reference: Michel Werry, Principal (

  • Biology teacher: senior year, junior year classes, pharmaceutical section
  • Anatomy teacher: senior year classes, pharmaceutical section
  • Physiology: senior year, pharmaceutical section
  • Physics: sophomore and junior year classes, applied sciences and pharmaceutical sections
  • Science: sophomore and junior year, economics, applied science, pharmaceutical sections

Calgon Carbon Corporation – Chemviron Carbon

Feluy, Belgium, 2014

Analytical Chemist – Department of Analytic Chemistry

  • Activated carbon analysis: granulometry, iodine number, measure,molasses measure, methylene blue test, hardness number measure, particle size distribution

Medical Clerkships

Erasmus Hospital – Clinic of Sleep Medicine

Brussels, Belgium, 2017

Coordinator: Professor Paul Linkowski (

Erasmus Hospital – Department of Psychiatry

Brussels, Belgium, 2017

Coordinator: Professor Gwenole Loas (

Erasmus Hospital – Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Brussels, Belgium, 2017

Coordinator: Professor Sergio Hassid (

Most Holy Annunciation Hospital – Clinic of Developmental Neuropsychiatry

Taranto, Italy, 2017

Coordinator: Dr. Oronzo Forleo (

Most Holy Annunciation Hospital – Department of Neonatal Intensive Care

Taranto, Italy, 2016

Coordinator: Dr. Oronzo Forleo (

Saint Joseph Hospital – Department of Interventional Cardiology

Mons, Belgium, 2015

Coordinator: Dr. Michel Henry

Political Experience and Public Engagements

Assembly of European Regions

European Union, 2017 – ongoing

Reference: Johanna Pacevicius, permanent (

European Union Organization funded by the European Commission, representing European young people.

President of the Committee on Education and Culture, AER Youth Regional Network

Member of the Jury of the Most Youth Friendly European Region Award 2017

Member of the Presidium

Foundation for Medical Research in Hainaut (FRMH)

Mons, Belgium (2016-ongoing)

Reference: Marianne Wantiez, Secretary (

Member of the Board

Inter-University Committee of Medical Students (CIUM)

Brussels, Belgium, 2013-ongoing

Reference: Jerome Lechien, MD, Ph.D, MS, former president (

Government-funded youth organization representing medical students.

President (2017-ongoing)

Director of the Institute of Research for Public health and Medical Education IRSEM (2015-ongoing): Research on different methods of medical selection and impact on future career

General Secretary (2016-2017)

Vice President (2015-2016)

Member (2013-2015)

ProJeuneS Youth Federation

Brussels, Belgium, 2016-ongoing

Reference: Carlos Crespo, general secretary (

Governmental organization grouping multiple youth organizations

Member of the Board of the youth federation

Belgian Youth Council of Wallonia-Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, 2015-ongoing

Governmental organization representing young Belgian people.

Member of the International Commission

Student Activities

University of Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, 2016- ongoing

Reference: Professor Alain Van Meeraeghe, Professor of Internal Medicine and Coordinator at the Department of Evidence-Based Medicine (

Founder and coordinator of the Group of critical analysis of scientific papers GALCA

Group of students coordinated by the Department of Evidence-Based Medicine.
Organization of Workshops of scientific paper critical analysis for students.

University of Mons

Mons, Belgium, 2014-2016

Student Delegate at the Faculty Council


University of Brussels (Université libre de Bruxelles, ULB)

Brussels, Belgium, 2016 – June 2019

Doctor of Medicine – MD

University of Mons (Université de Mons, UMONS)

Mons, Belgium, 2013-2016

Bachelor of Science – Medical Sciences


English: IELTS 7.5 C1, December 2016

French: Mother tongue

Italian: Mother tongue



  • OS: Windows, Linux, macOS
  • R for statistics and network analysis
  • Office